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Every year since I was born, I've gained 10 pounds. At 19, I reached my highest weight ever- 206.4. I developed PCOS and am struggling and determined to get myself back into shape. This is my daily food log. I'm hoping whoever reads it can learn from it, and teach me something in return. We all need friends and motivation at some point.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Updated Measurements

Chin/Head: 24.5
Chest: 39.0
Upper Left Arm: 14.0
Lower left Arm: 10.0
Upper RightArm: 15.0
Lower Right Arm: 11.0
Bust: 44.0
Waist: 38.5
Torso (right below belly butto): 47
Hips (right above butt, below "tire"): 45.0
Butt: 45.0
Upper Left Thigh: 28.5
Mid Left Thigh:24.0
Above Left Knee: 18.5
Left Calf: 16.0
Upper Right Thigh: 28.5
Mid Right Thigh: 24.5
Above Right Knee: 18.5
Right Calf:15.5
Total: 507
Difference (since week 2): 0 inches

so even though i've lost weight, i basically haven't lost any inches. the definite difference? I was doing these band-strength training exercises four times a week. definitely going to start doing that again!


  1. congrats on being in onederland...that is awesome.
    as for measurements...sometimes, the first time we measure we want smaller numbers. So the second time you are trying to get accurate numbers and they stay the may want to get taped by someone else. I am glad your acne med is working. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Congrats on your weight loss! It's not easy at all.

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